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Born in Vancouver, Victoria Miles moved with her family at age eight to Victoria. In her early twenties she worked in Japan and also worked as au pair to a family of eight in Ahrensburg, Germany. Reading stories in German to the family's six-year-old twins led her towards writing stories of her own.

Miles has combined her love of nature in numerous picture books that include Cougar Kittens (Orca, 1995), Bald Eaglets, Spotted Owlets and Sea Otter Pup (1993). The Monterey Bay Aquarium published her book Pup's Supper. Illustrated by George Juhasz, her City Bat, Country Bat (Tradewind, 2004) is about one bat who lives in Stanley Park and another that lives in the country. She has also written Wild Science: Amazing Encounters between Animals and the People who Study Them.

In Magnifico (Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2006), a story for ages eleven-and-up, Victoria Miles imagines her mother's upbringing within an Italian immigrant family in Vancouver during the 1930s. Mariangela dreams of playing the piano, only to be saddled with an ugly, old accordion instead.

Victoria Miles won a Henry Bergh Children’s Book Award, administered by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), in the category of Fiction Environment and Ecology for her picture book Old Mother Bear (Chronicle Books).

Mimi Power and the I-Don’t-Know-What (Tradewind 2012)was a finalist for the Sheila A. Egoff Children’s Literature Prize awarded to the best non-illustrated book written for children by a B.C. author.

Victoria Miles graduated from SFU in 1988 and lives in North Vancouver. Her husband is photographer David Nunuk.


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[BCBW 2013] "Kidlit"

Mimi Power and the I-don’t-know-what by Victoria Miles
Review (2013)

from Louise Donnelly
Mimi Power and the I-don’t-know-what by Victoria Miles (Tradewind Books $12.95)

At age nine, mimi power is a budding artist, a reluctant swimmer and the long-suffering older sister to tyrannical three-year-old Lily June, better known as “The Waby.”

The Waby screams blue murder if she doesn’t get the desired colour of gummy bear vitamin and, proudly potty-trained, virtuously flushes their movie-location-scout father’s prized fossilized poo down the john.
The toddler’s “fire engine” tantrums rattle their already-loopy market research mother so much that she’s known to leave the house still wearing her telephone headset.

And when The Waby’s beloved Bunny Jim disappears, and is spotted dangling from the back of a garbage truck, and no amount of polite requests to the burly driver work, even after they shockingly morph into Incredible Hulk-like threats from their father, Mimi saves the day with the sacrifice of her souvenir red double-decker pen.
But when The Waby’s chocolate-pudding-finger-painting additions to Mimi’s masterpiece for the school’s art auction fundraiser crush any hope her class has of winning a pizza lunch with the opportunity to have a visiting lizard crawl on their heads, Mimi’s “Mimi Power” fails her. Until inspiration strikes and Mimi channels a solution from her recently acquired fascination with the artist Henri Matisse.

Victoria Miles’ Mimi Power and the I-don’t-know-what is illustrated by the prolific Marc Mongeau. Victoria Miles is also the award-winning author of Magnifico, Old Mother Bear. She lives in North Vancouver with her husband, photographer David Nunuk.