TURNER, William O.

Author Tags: Fiction, Haida Gwaii

Ostensibly set in the Queen Charlotte Islands, W.O. Turner's Call the Beast They Brother (1973) was written towards the end of his writing career. It concerns violent and barbarous Haida Indians etc...

Born in Tacoma, Washington, William O. Turner was the grandson of Puyallup Valley pioneer Andrew Oliver, an early historian of the Pacific Northwest. W.O. Turner moved to Evanston, Illinois with his family at age 12, graduated from Knox College and worked in the Midwest and East Coast on newspapers until he returned to Tacoma in 1965. For almost two decades he churned out adventure novels about the west. These included Medicine Creek, The Proud Diggers (1954), The Settler (1956), War Country (1957), The Long Rope (1959), The Treasure of Fan-Tan-Flat (1961), Throttle the Hawk (1961), The High-Hander (1963), Gunpoint (1964), Destination Doubtful (1965), Five Days to Salt Lake (1966), Ride the Vengeance Trail (1966), Blood Dance (1967), A Man Called Jeff (1969) and Mayberly's Kill (1969). Turner was a member of the Washington State Historical Society but he wasn't necessarily fastidious about the facts when it came to the marketing of his titles. He died on Feb. 26, 1980 in Tacoma, Washington.

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