Living in White Rock, she self-published The Border Guide: Rules And Rates For Shopping In The States (1988) when she was unable to find a publisher for her time-sensitive material. She now operates The Self-Publishers' Press from her home. [BCBW 1995]

The Border Guide: Rules & Rates for Shopping in the States ($9.95)

ACCORDING TO STATSCAN, CANADIAN shopping across the border is up 22% from the previous winter. Little wonder BCAA is retailing Ann Corcoran's The Border Guide: Rules & Rates for Shopping in the States ($9.95) directly to its membership. "I don't feel guilty or unpatriotic about shopping in the States," says the White Rock author, "but my paranoia level is higher than ever." While offering nuts 'n' bolts advice for shoppers on the ramifications of the Free Trade Agreement, Corcoran also examines the vagaries of poorly written U.S. tariff schedules and flaws in the U.S. Customs computer checks. "Also, it is frightening to hear of the number of people who have been detained at Customs because of anonymous phone tips," she says, "often made by business competitors." She points out that U.S. Customs officials carry guns and that the very nature of the job tends to attract a higher proportion of bullies than other jobs might. For further info, contact 531-8661.

[BCBW 1991]