BALLOU, Maturin

Author Tags: 1850-1900, Early B.C., Transient, Travel

Maturin Murray Ballou was born in Boston in 1820. He was a founder of the Boston Globe newspaper. In 1873, an economic downturn loomed and public interest in newspapers appeared to be waning. Ballou recognized that the newspaper business was becoming a hard sell. He retired from the Boston Globe and traveled with his wife, Mary Anne (Roberts). Ballou continued to write, penning a series of popular travelogues about the countries they visited. In 1882, Ballou, and his wife, “circumnavigated the globe.” Ballou died in Egypt, in 1895. His body was repatriated to the US, and he was buried in Boston. His travel narrative, The New Eldorado: A Summer Journey to Alaska (Boston: Houghton, Mifflin, 1889,) has a section on Victoria and British Columbia.

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