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Snow Bodies: One Woman’s Life on the Streets (NeWest $24.95) is Elizabeth Hudson’s true story of prostitution and addiction in Calgary and Vancouver in the 1970s. Through an exhausting cycle of turning tricks to get high, Snow Bodies illustrates how female addiction forms the back bone of the drug industry. “At no time was my recovery easy, neat, or clean,” she recalls. “It was ten years before I stopped thinking about fixing every day. Coming off the street and then trying to live the straight life was like jumping planets and keeping the leap a shameful secret.” Hudson went back to school and graduated with honours from Mount Royal College’s Social Service Careers diploma program. 1-896300-74-X

[BCBW 2004] "Prostitution" "Women"

Press Release (2005)

from NeWest Press
CBC and NeWest Press invite you to the exclusive premiere of two CBC Radio documentaries by ELIZABETH HUDSON.

There are not many women who can tell the stories Elizabeth Hudson has to tell. Most like her die young. And if they make it out alive, they keep their past a secret. Elizabeth used to work the street in Calgary and Vancouver as a heroin-addicted prostitute. Her stories for CBC Radio's OUTFRONT take us into that world, and then follow her journey from sex trade worker to soccer mom. Join us for a chance to hear Elizabeth's stories first, before they're broadcast. We'll be playing the radio documentaries in front of a live audience. Elizabeth will be there to answer questions.

Outfront Listening Room
Tuesday November 22nd
7:30 pm
Nickle Theatre
Mount Royal College
Calgary, AB
Admission: free

If you miss the live event, tune in to Outfront on Monday, November 28 and Tuesday, November 29 to hear Elizabeth's stories. Outfront airs at 8:43 PM, Monday to Wednesday on CBC Radio One. Outfront is a national show on CBC Radio that puts microphones into the hands of "ordinary people" so they can document their lives.