FLEURIEU, Charles P.C.

Author Tags: 1800-1850, Haida Gwaii, Maritime

Having been a passenger aboard La Solide during the second French circumnavigation of the world by Etienne Marchand (following the feat of Louis Antoine Bougainville), Charles Pierre Claret de Fleurieu edited information about the Queen Charlotte Islands as part of their journey in Voyage Round the World, Performed During the Years 1790-92, 2 Vol. (London, 1801). Fleurieu melded the ship's log with notes from the second-in-command and the ship's surgeon ffter Marchand had died and his papers were lost. [See Etienne Marchand entry]


Fleurieu, Charles Pierre Claret de: Voyage Autour de Monde, Pendant Les Annes 1790, 1791, et 1792 par Etienne Marchand, precede d'une Introduction Historique: Auquel on a Joint des Recherches sur les Terres Australes de Drake, et un Examen Critique du Voyage de Roggeween (Paris, 1798-1800) Four volumes.

Voyage Round the World, Performed During the Years 1790, 1791 and 1792 (London: T.N. Longman and O. Reese, 1801; Da Capo Press, 1970).

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