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Born in Quesnel, Vancouverite Robyn Harding publishes humourous fiction about contemporary women and their love lives. These include THE JOURNAL OF MORTIFYING MOMENTS, published in North America in September, 2004, and thereafter in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Italy, Korea and Russia. Film and television rights for the novel have been optioned.

THE SECRET DESIRES OF A SOCCER MOM appeared in July, 2006. It was released in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa under the title SECRETS AND WIVES, published by Piatkus Books.

Unabashedly promoted as chicklit, Robyn Harding's third novel Chronicles of a Mid-Life Crisis (Penguin 2008 $18) details the break-up of a 16-year marriage due to the husband's unexpected disenchantment, the subsequent rebelliousness of his 15-year-old daughter, and the eventual reunion of her parents, Trent and Lucy, in order to deal with the parenting crisis. 978-0-14-305375-0

She is also an author of Mom, Will This Chicken Give Me Man Boobs? (Greystone, 2009), her first non-fiction book, a humourous and delightful personal story of how she and her family do their best to become environmentally responsible. Harding also subtlety points to several helpful resources throughout the book. [Featured at SFU's What's So Funny? Symposium on the Book July 2010]

Her next book was a novel, The Party (Scout Press 2017) $22.00 978-1-50117-257-1

[BCBW 2017]

Website info (2006)

"Robyn Harding grew up in Quesnel, a logging town in northern British Columbia. To relieve her small town angst she turned to creative writing, hoping to become another S.E. Hinton and publish a novel at seventeen. She also hoped said novel would be made into a movie starring Rob Lowe, Tom Cruise and Patrick Swayze whom she would fall in love with and eventually marry. (Unfortunately, this dream was never realized, but she did end up marrying an Australian man who can't dance but is still quite sexy in his own masculine way.)

"After high school, creative writing was relegated to a hobby and Robyn moved to Vancouver. She studied English Literature, journalism, and then marketing, eventually landing a job at an advertising agency. This exciting, dynamic industry was a delightful challenge until the deadlines, egos and politics turned it into a stressful nightmare. By this time, she was also the mother of a young son and daughter. Tired of juggling motherhood and a full-time career, Robyn left her agency job to stay home with her children and work as a freelance copywriter.

"When she began to fear that her brain might ooze out her ears from lack of use, Robyn began to write fiction again. Over the years she'd attempted to write deep, literary novels a la Margaret Atwood, but they were never very good and she never got very far. She decided to try her hand at humor and knew immediately that she'd found her niche. Robyn lives in beautiful Vancouver, B.C. with her husband, kids, and a very small, completely frivolous dog named Ozzie."

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