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An English and Women's Studies teacher at Northwest Community College, Leanne Boschman of Prince Rupert has offered a poetic exploration of the port city's rich environmental and social history in A Rain Journal (Leaf Press, 2009) $15.95 978-0-97838799-9-0

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Precipitous Signs: A Rain Journal by Leanne Boschman (Leaf Press $16.95)

What is appropriate dress for a Prince Rupert poetess? One made of kelp, of course. Leanne Boschman is wearing one in her author photograph for Precipitous Signs: A Rain Journal, a skilled and humorous book sodden with coastal downpour. Especially worthwhile are the poem/stories taken from newspaper accounts of Rupert in the twenties; the whores, the school marms, bachelors and colonial bigwigs. Through it all, the scent of dampness. 978-0-9788379-9-0

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