As Peggy Pemberton-Carter, she was one of many Europeans living in Shanghai prior to World War II. Her memoir called A Curious Cage: A Shanghai Journal 1941-1945 records her life in Shanghai from the Japanese invasion until the war's end. Another B.C. writer who was interned in Shanghai during the same period was Elfreida Read, who also wrote a memoir. Originally released in 1981, Abkhazi's chronicle of internment in a concentration camp was revised and expanded for publication by Sono Nis Press in 2002. The editor for both versions was S.W. Jackman. Abkhazi was born in Shanghai in 1902. She married Prince Nicholas Abkhazi, an exiled Georgian prince, and together they created Abkhazi Garden in Victoria. She died in 1994 and the garden was purchased by the Land Conservancy of British Columbia. This second stage of her life has been documented in a biography by Katherine Gordon. [See Katherine Gordon entry.]

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