Quebec-based Marianne Ackerman's first novel Jump (McArthur & Conmpany, 2000) takes place in 1995 during the impending provincial referendum.

From Quill & Quire review by Padma Viswanathan:

"Ackerman's self-referential plot (Myra's best friend writes a bilingual play for his alternative theatre, just as the author did for hers) and deadly accurate social realism (much of Jump's action takes place in haunts very familiar to a certain Montreal set) risk boring as many readers as they titillate. But her book engages because its people live and breathe."

Ackerman's second novel Matters of Hart (McArthur & Company, 2006) is set in Vancouver, Montreal and Los Angeles. It recalls the life of a divorced 50-year-old screenwriter through the voices of five women in his life.


Revolution and the Muse: An Inquiry Into the Political Nature of Art in the People's Republic of China (Dissertation for Carleton University, 1976)

She also contributed to Minority Report: An Alternative History of English-Language Arts in Quebec (2011, part of the Guernica Essay Series)


The Garrison Officers Rehearse Moliere (Tarragon Theatre Archives, University of Guelph,1987)

L'Affaire Tartuffe, Or, The Garrison Officers Rehearse Molière (NuAge, 1993)

Venus of Dublin (NuAge, 2000)


Woman by a Window: & Celeste (NuAge, 1996)

Jump (McArthur, 2000) $21.95

Matters of Hart (McArthur, 2006)

Piers' Desire (McArthur, 2012)

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