Born to Finnish-Canadian parents at Ladysmith in 1925, Aaro Aho studied geology at UBC and later received his Ph.D in petrology and mineralogy from the Univeristy of California in 1954 after he joined the Geological Survey of Canada in 1953. He worked as exploration manager for the White Pass & Yukon Corporation. Later, as an independent consultant, he formed Dynasty Explorations and headed the team that discovered the large Anvil lead-zinc mine in central Yukon in 1965, involving more than $100 million in new investment. His history of Keno City, last of the wild west mining towns, Hills of Silver: The Yukon's Mighty Keno Hill Mine (Harbour 2006), recalls characters who emerged after silver was discovered at Keno in 1918. Dr. Aho was killed in a farming accident near Ladysmith in 1977, at age 55.

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