In 2003, after fourteen self-described years of "temporary retirement", Ariole Alei of Ariole Alei Dance (formerly Sharon Wehner Dance), returned to dancing in Vancouver. In 2006, she and her husband Colin Hillstrom self-published four books of spiritual advice: HeartSong: Conversations About Love, Joy and Sex - Discover the Secret to a Fulfilling Love Relationship; When A Man Really Loves A Woman - Why We Must Love More And What To Do About It; Awakening Instinct, Running the Gauntlet, Windows Through Time - a trilogy; and Birds' Eye View - A Travel Guide to the Universe. The enterprising couple claim to have launched the World's First Holistic Matchmaking Service: "We are the only matchmaking company with relationship services assisting you specifically to... heal past relationship wounds; clarify your values and goals; identify what personal growth may be necessary for you to attract and keep your desired relationship; learn how to be in a healthy, long-lasting, loving relationship. No one else focuses on this like we do."

[BCBW 2006] "Advice"