Silence is the practice ground for finding inner peace. Honesty without courage is a lost virtue. Vipassana meditator Amar Ochani has learned from his renowned Vipassana teacher, the late S. N. Goenka, for his debut book, Inner Explorations of a Seeker (Inspired Living $15.95 / 2018) in which he advises, "The truth hurts, but only once; untruth keeps hurting all the time." Ochani's short essays and thoughts are not written for readers of any particular faith, religion, denomination or creed.

Born in Mumbai, formerly from London, U.K., Ochani is a political science graduate from Bombay University and a refugee from finance and international banking. Having led inspirational seminars for the Landmark Forum in India, he now lives in Coquitlam. He reminisces, "Like most people, I spent a substantial part of life with the feeling that something is missing. This feeling stayed with me until I realized that meditation and spirituality interested me more than money and recognition did. Money and fame still pull me, but their lure is far lesser now."; 97801-7750775-0-3