Editor (b. 1897) of:

Curtis' Western Indians (New York: Bonanza Books, 1962). Created as a eulogy to the photographer Edward S. Curtis and the thirty years he spent photographing the indigenous peoples of the west coast. Comprised of nearly 200 photographs this book gives a good overview of his career. Curtis attempted to capture the pre-reservation era and the indigenous peoples' traditional tribal life. Edward S. Curtis began his journey to visit over 80 tribes along the west coast in 1900, and in 1906 President Theodore Roosevelt helped him to obtain from J. P. Morgan the first of a series of annual grants to finance his fieldwork and to prepare both text and illustrations for a twenty volume
work, North American Indians (1907-1930).

Indian Primitive: Northwest Coast Indians of the Former Days (Seattle: Superior Publishing; New York: Bonanza, 1960). A photographic history of Indigenous peoples that ranges from Alaska to northern California. This book is a collection of 180 photographs in a 175-page study.

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