Cathrine Ann's rags to riches memoir Beautiful Buttons describes an abusive childhood, forays into prostitution, illegal activities and living in a car when she founded her business, Consumer Connection. Beautiful Buttons"; was chosen as a top pick by Chatelaine. With the closure of Key Porter Publishing, the book was picked up by Toronto-based BPS Books, to be distributed through the Ingram Book Group.

Cathrine Ann has been praised by powerful women just as Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle, Maria Shriver and Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallon.

She was invited to participate in the 2011 Brisbane Writers Festival. "I am thrilled to be asked to participate in what is arguably one of the most prestigious writers festivals in the world,"; she said, having been unable to participate in the Sunshine Coast Writers Festival in Sechelt, where she had resided for 12 years. In Queensland, she shared the podium with author Eva Gabrielsson, partner of the late Stieg Larsson, for a session titled "Catharsis: The Narrative of Trauma.";


Beautiful Buttons (Key Porter 2010)

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