Tom Ardies was born in 1931 and lives in the United States. He worked as a journalist and a public relations consultant in Vancouver where he wrote Kosygin is Coming (1974), a suspense novel upon which the 1975 movie Russian Roulette starring George Segal was based. The story concerns an assassination attempt on Soviet leader Sergei Kosygin during his visit to Vancouver. There is a climatic scene on the roof of the Hotel Vancouver. "It's very difficult to kill Kosygin in Russia," says the nasty Russian murderer named Vostik, "But here? This is an ideal place to have it done. Your security is lax and the chances of being caught are remote."

Ardies' other novels include Their Man in the White House (1971), This Suitcase is Going to Explode (1972), Pandemic (1973, Pandemic (1974), In a Lady's Service (1976), Palm Springs (1978) and Palmetto (2011).

In 2006, Ardies also co-wrote 1,000 to 1!: Claiming, Breeding and Racing Thoroughbreds on a Shoestring-and Beating the Odds with Martin Barr Sr.

Tom Ardies was living in San Diego in 2015.

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