His play Blue Dragons (Scirocco Drama, 1993) begins one month after the death of Bram, who had been Simon's lover for four years. Simon, haunted by the ghost of Bram, is unable to move beyond his own grieving to find understanding about the nature of love in a world of cycnicism, fear and AIDS. The Globe and Mail called Armstrong's play "an excellent piece of drama." Gordon Armstrong was born in 1960 and he lives in Vancouver where he has had many plays produced of his works.

The premier production of Vancouver's gay professional theatre Out West Performance Society was a collective of short plays called Plague of the Gorgeous & Other Plays that played to sold-out audiences in the summer of 1995. Set in the context of HIV and AIDS, Plague of the Gorgeous & Other Plays (Scirocco Drama, 1996) included contributions by playwrights Gordon Armstrong, Stuart Blackley & Kevin Gregg, Lisa Lowe, Peter Eliot Weiss and Georgia Straight theatre critic Colin Thomas. [BCBW 2003] "Theatre"

[BCBW 1995]