Following the discovery of her mother's writings , Elizabeth Atchison, set out to put these writings into an historical, creative non-fiction story in the form of a memoir which shows, firstly the settlement, then development and finally the demise of the village of Findlay, in the south-west corner of Manitoba. This takes place through the decades from 1880 to 1980. She has written this book out of love and respect for her mother, Georgina Chisholm Atchison, née Hay, and her community of Findlay. Both of which have molded who she is, just as many of you who may read this book have been shaped by your parents and your humble communities. It is her belief that the lives and events of Findlay are too precious to let slip unnoticed into history, just as so many other communities on the prairies have disappeared due to the advancement of modern technology. Canada as we now know it was formed by many hundreds of such modest rural villages and thousands of brave and quiet pioneers who simply lived their lives the best way they could. Through her mother's living and dying, the author tells
not only of Georgie's life but the life of Findlay as she and her ancestors knew it. We hope you will walk through these pages with her, thinking of your beginnings and those that gave you birth. She has written this book out of love for the families of Findlay with many of whom she can trace distant relationships and where she spent her childhood until the age of eighteen. It is a story which will appeal to many people who have lived in the small towns and villages of the prairies and to those who are interested in the history and development of Canada.


Memoirs of a Findlay Girl (Self=published, 2010) 978-0-9866663-0-8 $24.99

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