DATE OF BIRTH: 9 November 1960

PLACE OF BIRTH: London, England, UK

ARRIVAL IN CANADA: 4 October 2001


EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Clairvoyant Medium, Healer, Meditation Instructor, Lecturer.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: "Nature's Wisdom" Publisher: Professional Image Design, Kelowna, BC. Self-Published: 2004.

"Meditation for Everyday Living" (includes CD of guided meditations) Publisher: Godsfield Press Ltd, UK. Also, Barron's Educational, New York, and Talpress Publishers, Czechoslovakia. Published: 2002.

BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Stephen Austen was born in London, England. He experienced many metaphysical occurances in his life from a very early age, and began consciously walking a spiritual path at the age of 16, taking to meditation without the aid of books or a teacher. He joined the UK's National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH) at the age of 19, and by age 23 was the youngest Full Healer Member of the NFSH in the country. In 2001 he immigrated to Canada, moving here with his Canadian-born wife, Carla. They have been living in British Columbia since 2003. His work involves Clairvoyant Mediumship, in which he assists grieving people to come to an understanding that there is no 'death'. He also offers guidance using clairvoyance, to help individuals on their path in life. His healing purportedly uses the faculty of Medical Intuition to clairvoyantly 'see' inside the body. This aspect of his work also includes a Distant Healing list of clients, wherein he is not physically present with the patient.

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