From promotional materials for Eden's Ore: Revelations (Promontory, 2015):

"The world is on the brink of war. TERA's hostility continues to grow as they push North America to an authoritarian state. Anyone with a connection to the ore is openly hunted and imprisoned in detention centres, condemned to recharge the ore. Meanwhile, in Europe, the Horsemen have spread their corruption, targeting the Church's highest members and forcing the Patriarchs to fracture. As Gabriel's life hangs in the balance, Nate and his allies must scramble to awaken him before the Church falls. An alliance with the Spheres--hidden sanctuaries of ore users--provides a single hope. Will Nate and his friends find what they need to resurrect Gabriel and hold back TERA's expansion? Or will they unearth an even larger threat?";

Eden's Ore: Secrets (Promontory, 2014) is the first novel in a series by B.V. Bayly

B.V. Bayly has held an assortment of jobs, from selling Mexican timeshares to working in the non-profit sector. He found his calling as a writer and finds the unconventional hours and lifestyle suits his personality perfectly. He lives on Vancouver Island.


Eden's Ore: Revelations (Promontory Press, 2015) $19.95 9781927559710

Eden's Ore: Secrets (Promontory Press, 2014) $19.99 9781927559451

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