Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Bell is a poet and novelist who lives in Victoria, B.C. He has taught in English departments at several Canadian universities and has collaborated with Atom Egoyan on the screenplays of Family Viewing (1987), Speaking Parts (1989), The Adjuster (1991) and The Sweet Hereafter (1997), which was nominated for an academy award. He is the author of poetry titles that include The Simon Poems, A Motley to the View, Thy Harry's Company (Bayeux Arts, 1999), Puppet Poems and Ma Vie Va S'Achever' (Flask, 2007). These five collections were merged into a cumulative volume entitled Canada (Flask, 2009) which includes his wonderful poem about Bobby Orr from Thy Harry's Company. Allen also published 2003 interview with Noam Chomsky entitled A Hated Political Enemy (2005). "Poetry is about compression and concision," he writes.

Bell's consistent disdain for evil, violence and stupidity is oddly inspiring.

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