Cathy Beveridge's historical novel for young adults, Shadows of Disaster, is a time travelling tale about a 12-year-old and her grandfather who revisit 1903 in the coal mining community of Frank. B.C. where they witness the Frank Slide.

Tragic Links enables her heroine Jolene to once again find a time crease (Beveridge's unique time travel technique) to narrowly escape a devastating fire at a 1927 children's matinee in the Laurier Place Theatre. In Quebec City she also witnesses the collapse of the Quebec Bridge in 1907 that caused the deaths of 75 steelworkers, many from the Mohawk nation.


Offside (Thistledown 2001)
Shadows of Disaster (Ronsdale Press, 2003)
Chaos in Halifax (Ronsdale Press, 2004)
One on One (Thistledown, 2005)
Tragic Links (Ronsdale Press, 2009)

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