As the first collection of stories from folk/blues artist Fred Booker of Burnaby, Adventures in Debt Collection (Commodore $16) offers recollections of growing up black in Canada and reflects Booker's "day-job"; adventures as a repo man, confronting debtors and repossessing vehicles with tow-truck hook-ups. His collection agency is fictional; but the altercations and mishaps are close to the truth.

Booker published short fiction in Event, Whetstone and The Windsor Review and published poetry in Prism International and the anthology Bluesprint: Black British Columbian Literature and Orature, edited by Wayde Compton, one of the founders of Commodore Books. Commodore Books derives its name from the paddle steamer which transported thirty-five black migrants from San Francisco to Victoria 147 years ago, at the behest of half-black Governor James Douglas, to offset the incursion of white American migrants during the Gold Rush. Affiliated with the West Coast Review Publishing Society, Commodore Books is touted as the first and only black literary press in Western Canada.

Fred Booker died on June 4, 2008. [See below]


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