Born in Vancouver, Thea Bowering resides in Edmonton where she has worked as a bartender, DJ, radio host, Film Studies and Creative Writing instructor, editor, freelance writer and reviewer, and a member of The Olive Reading Series. She has been published in The Capilano Review, Matrix, Dandelion, The Vancouver Sun and Scandinavian Canadian Studies.

According to publicity materials for her first story collection, Love at First Sight: "In the neon-slick streets of Thea Bowering's imagination, monster girls and femme flâneurs roam, anthropologist's eyes on barroom denizens, disguising themselves in men's clothing and embarking on doomed love affairs. Old World meets New World as the cafés and piazzas of Europe's capitals intermingle with the dust and desolation of the 21st Century modern West."


Love at Last Sight (NeWest Press 2013) $17.95 978-1-927063-34-7