Having contributed articles for numerous regional and national publications, including local community newspapers, Georgia Straight and the Vancouver Sun, Bowman was the winner of the 22nd annual international 3-day writing contest. "It took this contest to get me to write,"; she says. "It's almost fun-in a sadistic way. It's like a marathon or something."; Bowman is also a musician, playing with her band The Skin Tones. Her first novel is Skin (Anvil, 2000). In her second novel, Spaz (Anvil, 2010), a shoe-maker follows his ambition to design the perfect woman's shoe, and find the ideal foot to fit his creation.


Skin (Anvil Press, 2000) 1895636329 $12.95
Spaz (Anvil Press, 2010) 9781897535271 $20.00

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