A long-time Vancouver Sun columnist, Boyd was born in the now-vanished B.C. mining town of Anyox. [See Pete Loudon entry.] Boyd was around Vancouver long enough to remember what it was like when thousands of dedicated B.C. Lions football fans were warmed by whatever they brought in their wineskins to watch By Bailey, Norm Fieldgate, Joe Kapp and Willie Fleming at Empire Stadium. As a result, he co-wrote Legends of Autumn: The Glory Years of Canadian Football (Greystone 1997 $29.95) with editor Brian Scrivener. It captures the era of live Canadian football before television swayed audiences from stadiums to couches. Boyd's two hockey books are The History of Hockey in B.C. and also Pros and Cons: The Vancouver Canucks Story (a light-hearted look at the first three years of the franchise). As a journalist for the Vancouver Sun, Boyd effectively replaced the The Sun's high profile gossip columnist Jack Wassermann who once published a cookbook called Vancouver on 5,000 Calories A Day, in 1971. Boyd also published a cookbook called Man on the Range. Semi-retired in West Vancouver, Boyd published a memoir called Denny Boyd: In My Own Words (Douglas & McIntrye, 1995). He received the Order of British Columbia in 2005.

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