Nelson-based Brian d'Eon wrote  Big Ledge: The Triumphs and Tribulations of Robert E. Sproule (Home Star Press 2018) about the American prospector who rowed up Kootenay Lake in the summer of 1882 to a promontory known as Big Ledge. Here, Sproule quickly found a rich ore body. But his plans to strike it rich are endangered by other prospectors in the area, as well as a Californian businessman, John C. Ainsworth who is preparing to buy up the property that Sproule is working. As the back page blurb concludes: "Conflict seems inevitable, and murder, not past reason."  978-1-77538-720-6

D'Eon published the novella Eta Carina (Vagabondage 2013) and plans to publish his novel, The Draper Catalogue in 2019.

[BCBW 2018]