Dorothy Guyver Britton, a.k.a. Lady Bouchier, was born in Yokohama and had a lifelong interest in Japanese literature. Educated in England and the United States, she returned to Japan after World War II. She also worked for Canada's Department of Agriculture at the Summerland research station, during which time she published several short books pertaining o Okanagan agriculture, mainly recipes for fruits and vegetables. She also wrote poetry and translated works from the Japanese language, most notably Oku-no-Hosomichi by Basho, reprinted in English as A Haiku Journey: Basho's Narrow Road to a Far Province. She was married to Air Vice Marshal Sir Cecil ("Boy") Bouchier, K.B.E., C.B., D.F.C., a hero in the Battle of Britain. Her earliest publication was her frontispiece drawing for Whispering Leaves in Grosvenor Square, 1936-37, the memoirs of the wife of Shigeru Yoshida, Japanese Ambassador to the Court of St James, London, which were first published in 1938. Also a composer, she studied music with Darius Milhaud.


The B.C. Apple Recipe Book & The B.C. Fruit Preserving Guide
(Summerland: Canada Experimental Farm, circa 1950s). By Dorothy Britton.

Recipes Using Okanagan Fruit (The Queen's Printer & Controller of Stationery, Ottawa, Canada, 1959). By Dorothy Britton.

Tu Tze-Chun (Kodansha, 1965) by Ryunosuke Akutagawa; translated by Dorothy Britton; illustrated by Naoko Matsubara.

A Haiku Journey: Basho's "The Narrow Road to a Far Province" and Selected Haikus (Kodansha, 1974; 1980; 1981; 1986). Translated by Dorothy Britton.

National Parks of Japan (New York: Kodansha America, 1981) by Mary Sutherland and Dorothy Britton.

Totto-Chan: The Little Girl at the Window (Kodansha America, 1982) by Chihiru Kuroyanagi; Translated by Dorothy Britton.

Japanese Crane: Bird of Happiness (Kodansha, 1982) by Japanese Crane by Tsuneo Hayashida; translated by Dorothy Britton.

Japanese for Busy People I: Survival Level (Kodansha, 1984) by the Association for Japanese Language, Teaching Staff; edited by Dorothy Britton.

The Girl With the White Flag: A Spellbinding Account of Love and Courage in Wartime Okinawa (Kodansha International, 1995) by Tomiko Higa; translated by Dorothy Britton.

The Silver Drum: A Japanese Imperial Memoir (Global Books, 1996) by Princess Chichibu; translated by Dorothy Britton.


Japan: A Living Portrait. By Dorothy Britton, Fred Katayama, Martha McClintock

Japan: A Living Portrait (Origami Classroom). By Azby Brown, Michael J. Mansfield and Dorothy Britton.

The Spider's Thread and Other Stories by Ryunosuke Akutagawa; translated by Dorothy Britton.

Rashomon and Other Stories by Takashi Kojima; translated by Dorothy Britton.

Chichiro's Album of Words and Pictures by Chihiro Iwasaki; translated by Dorothy Britton.

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