Atholl Sutherland Brown has written a history of B.C. geological surveys, a memoir about his experiences as a fighter pilot in Burma entitled Silently into the Midst of Things, and a biography of his father entitled A Canadian Patriot and Imperialist: The Life and Times of Brigadier James Sutherland Brown (Laurier Centre for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies & Trafford Publishing, 2004). Brigadier Sutherland 'Buster' Brown served in World War One and became Director of Military Operations and Intelligence at National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa, during which time he prepared 'Defence Scheme No. 1' to counteract a possible attack on Canada and the United Kingdom by the United States. He later became District Officer Commanding (DOC) of Military District Number 11 for B.C and the Yukon during the Depression, during which time he oversaw the army's operation of relief camps.

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