An accountant by training, a photographer and history buff by passion, Earl L Brown has lived at Fort Nelson since 1965. He has worked as a Canadian field editor since 1985 for "The Milepost", an annually updated 750-page travel guide based in Anchorage, Alaska. A partner in Bartlett Scenic Postcards covering the Alaska Highway, he formed Autumn Images in 1985, (incorporated 1991) and published a viewbook "Northwest Territories - Canada's Last Frontier" in 1986 with text by Lyn Hancock. In 1988 he published "Alaska Highway - Road to Adventure" (phots by Earl Brown, text by Lyn Hancock). Autumn Images Inc also distributes many Alaska Highway and northern related titles and in 2001 Brown produced a 25-minute video called So ... You Want to Know More about Fort Nelson ... Eh? In 2003 he published Chester L. Russell's "Tales of a Catskinner," winner of the "Hello North Heritage arts and culture award". Earl L. Brown was recipient of Fort Nelson's "Citizen of the Year" award for 2003. He was instrumental in the creation of the "Alaska Highway Veterans and Builders Monument" at the Fort Nelson Heritage museum, unveiled in June 2004.

DATE OF BIRTH: Sept 28, 1956

PLACE OF BIRTH: Edmonton, Alta

ARRIVAL IN BRITISH COLUMBIA: Alaska Highway resident since 1957


Northwest Territories: Canada's Last Frontier (Autumn Images, Box 904 Fort Nelson, 1986), photography by Brown; text by Lyn Hancock.

Alaska Highway - Road to Adventure (Autumn Images, 1988), photography by Brown; text by Lyn Hancock.

Alcan Trail Blazers - Alaska Highway's Forgotten Heros (Autumn Images Inc, 2005).

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