Sandra Butt's illustrations are paired with the first individual publication The Two Sisters, retold by First Nations poet and author E. Pauline Johnson. An origin story of the Lower Mainland's geographical sights and a tale of peace that has inspired generations, The Two Sisters is an important piece of West Coast lore. Originally published in Johnson's Legends of Vancouver, The Two Sisters shares the journey of two girls who bring two warring tribes together through the sharing of food, music, and friendship in celebration. The Sagalie Tyee (Creator) notices the friendship the sisters facilitated and to reward the girls he immortalizes them as mountain peaks, what we now see on the horizon at Capilano.

Sandra Butt is an illustrator and designer and has a background in education and design. She has won awards for her work in educational puzzles for children from the Canadian Toy Testing Council and American Parents' Choice. She is based on Pender Island, B.C.


The Two Sisters (Waterlea Books 2016)$19.95,978-0-9949997-1-9

[BCBW 2016] "Illustration" "First Nations" "Folklore"