The veteran Alberta-based journalist Ted Byfield, one of the leading proponents of Preston Manning's Reform Party, was founder and President of Alberta Report and its offspring publication BC Report. He worked in Vancouver during the 1990s until BC Report folded. He is the author of numerous works including Epistles from an Unrepentant Red Neck (Alberta Report). He accepted a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Western Magazine Awards in 1998. He joined the Washington Post at age 18 as a copy boy, moved to Canada in 1947, won a National Magazine Award in 1958 and left journalism in 1962 to help found St. John's Cathedral Boys School where he taught history and French. He launched the St. John's Edmonton Report in 1973, followed by Alberta Report in 1979, Western Report in 1986 and BC Report in 1989. "I think my opinions 40 years ago would have been considered mainstream," he said in 1998. "I haven't changed them."

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