Born in 1926 on his Grandad's homestead west of Edmonton, Frank Camp moved with his family to Jasper in 1930. The son of a Metis mother, Marie Louise Perreault, and an English father, George Camp, he had the advantage of growing up in the environment of early Canadian culture and an appreciation of the wilderness. The great depression had closed in on most homesteaders and his Dad, George Camp, had decided to return to his previous seasonal employment as a trail hand for the guides and outfitters operating out of Jasper. Winter work was in relief camps or as a teamster for the government until 1940 when he was appointed Park Warden. This gave young Frank an opportunity to hang out in the work place where many old time mountain men gathered and learn at first hand about the early history and outdoor activities of the Rocky Mountains. Two years in the North Atlantic as a seaman during World War 2 increased Frank's desire for adventure. Returning to his home in Jasper, he joined the Park Warden service. In 1951 he married Edna Dubord and over the years raised a family of three girls and four boys. After numerous transfers to many of the western National Parks, he retired in 1981 in Ucluelet, British Columbia, completing a career of 35 years from trail hand to Park Warden to Park Superintendent. His career spanned a time period when the National Parks underwent great changes from a basic, individual, personal lifestyle to a more impersonal, technically oriented, computerized bureaucracy. Frank's first book, Roots in the Rockies, recounts the early days of the Park Warden Service and his role in the transition from horses to helicopter. It will give the reader a factual and credible insight into an interesting period of local human history and National Park development. With their family grown up and away from home, Frank and Edna followed up on their many retirement plans. The stories in Frank's second book, Sea Solos and Horse Tales, are about adventure after retirement and the opportunities of living a second full life. Frank died in 2003.

DATE OF BIRTH: Born in 1926

PLACE OF BIRTH: On his Grandad's homestead west of Edmonton


EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Parks Canada (various positions)


Sea Solos and Horse Tails (Frank Camp Ventures, 1999)

Roots In The Rockies (Frank Camp Ventures, 1993)

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