Vancouver resident and former U.S. Marine Corps sergeant Chris Cannon teaches courses and seminars on cultural criticism, satire, and magazine journalism at UBC. Over the past few years he has written and directed several short films and comedy sketches for film races, winning "Audience Choice"; for his 2011 film Self-Made Man.

The idea for their book America, but Better: The Canada Party Manifesto (D&M, 2012) came from Chris Cannon and Brian Calvert's viral campaign on YouTube. They co-created a satire video called "The Canada Party"; which is a comedic piece containing very strong themes regarding the strength of the Canadian state and the absurdity of the current political situation in America. This manifesto presents solutions to America's problems in a humorous, very Canadian way-with Maple syrup filled pipelines and amendments to The Constitution, so that it includes Hockey issues, taking center stage.


America, but Better: The Canada Party Manifesto (D&M, 2012) $16.95 978-1-77100-062-8 Co-authored with Brian Calvert(see entry).

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