DATE OF BIRTH: July 12, 1972

PLACE OF BIRTH: British Columbia

BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Ethan Canter was born in British Columbia in 1972 of American parentage. He was brought up in north-west Ontario in a log cabin built by his parents. After his parents divorced and his mother died, he returned to the West Coast where gained a BFA from the Writing Department at the University of Victoria. His first novel, entitled here, there and nowhere [sic], is marketed as "an examination of consciousness in three parts. In here, Henry Stilk is accused of murdering his lover's younger sister. In there, Pigeon finds madness and delusion are the outcome of his social alienation. And in nowhere, pried from his reclusive existence by circumstance, Edward Under discovers emotion through Alexandria and her dying grandfather." His poetry has appeared in anthologies and magazines in Canada and the United States.

here, there and nowhere (Kimberley: Inexpressible Publications, 2006).

[BCBW 2006] "Fiction"