Jeremy I.M. Carpendale is a professor in the Department of Psychology at Simon Fraser University. He has written and co-edited:

"Epistemic flow and the social making of minds";. Appears in Self- and Social-Regulation: Social interaction and the development of social understanding and executive functions (Oxford, 2010).

"The development of social understanding: A relational perspective";. Appears in The handbook of life-span development, Volume 1, Cognition, Biology, and Methods (Wiley, 2010).

"Is a neuroscience of morality possible?";. Appears in Developmental Social Cognitive Neuroscience (Psychology, 2010).

"Social understanding through social interaction. | Part I Theory: The Neural and Social Basis For Metacognition and its Disorders";. Appears in Metacognition and severe adult mental disorders: From basic research to treatment (Routledge, 2010).

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