Yet another of Franz Boas' minions, Alexander Francis Chamberlain was an English-born, Canadian-raised anthropologist who accepted a position within Boas' new Anthropology department at Clark University, Worcester in 1890. This connection gained him a place on an 1891 expedition to the Kootenays for the British Association for the Advancement of Science. His field work appeared as an ethnographic paper for the London-based Association in 1892 alongside contributions by Boas, Livingston Farrand, Horatio Hale and E.F. Wilson. Having gained his Ph.D, Chamberlain replaced Boas as department head at Clark University when Boas left. Chamberlain edited Charles Harrison's work on Haida grammar in 1895, but he is chiefly remembered as the editor of Journal of American Folklore from 1900 to 1908. Four months after Chamberlain died in 1914, Boas collected stories from the Kootenays himself, amalgamating these with Chamberlain's student findings for Kutenai Tales (1918). It was Alexander Francis Chamberlain's only book.


Boas, Franz & Alexander Francis Chamberlain. Kutenai Tales (Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 59, 1918.

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