In accordance with Canada's citizenship laws, if your mother has married an American, and you are born in Canada, your mother becomes American by default and you are deemed an American because, in effect, you are regarded as your father's property. That's Don Chapman's story. Having had his Canadian citizenship revoked when he was age six, Don Chapman describes his own fight with Ottawa, the stories of other who've "had their identities torn from them," in The Lost Canadians.

Don Chapman was born in Vancouver, B.C., and has become the face of the citizenship rights movement. He has been asked to speak at Senate hearings into citizenship, and he has been interviewed by major media outlets around the world, including CBC Radio, CTV, Maclean's, the National Post, the BBC, The Economist, Readers Digest, and the Aboriginal Peoples Network.


by Don Chapman
Pub Date: May 30, 2015
ISBN: 978-0-9940554-0-8
$21.95 CDN - $19.95 US
Pugwash Press