John Cherrington was born on June 2, 1950 and raised in Vancouver but he often visited his grandparents' farm in Maple Ridge and hiked with his uncle in the Pitt Lake and Alouette Lake area in search of the legendary Slumach gold mine. During his studies at the University of British Columbia in the early 1970s, he won the Women's Canadian Club scholarship as the top student in Canadian history.

His first book was Mission on the Fraser (Mitchell Press, 1974). After graduating from law school, he moved to live on the banks of the Fraser River at Fort Langley where he became active in heritage conservation.

Married with three children, he moved to Mount Lehman and became involved with the Fort Langley Legacy Foundation.

His books include The Fraser Valley: A History (Harbour, 1992) and Vancouver at the Dawn: A Turn-Of-The Century Portrait (Harbour, 1997).

Walking to Camelot (Figure 1 2016) is about about hiking 500 km through rural England on the "Macmillan Way" footpath from Boston to Cadbury Castle, a personal pilgrimage. There are 140,000 miles of footpaths and public rights of way in Britain, many dating back to medieval times-nowhere else in the world can you walk in literally any direction over private land. At fifty-four, John Cherrington wanted a challenge; his companion Karl, 20 years older, wanted to prove he was still tough enough to complete a long-distance walk. So the pair went on a 300-mile walk from the fenlands by the North Sea, on through the enchanting, honey-coloured Cotswolds, into Somerset with its legendary Castle Camelot, to emerge at Chesil Beach on the English Channel. See Review below.


Mission on the Fraser: Patterns of a Small City's Progress (Mitchell Press, 1974)

The Fraser Valley: A History (Harbour, 1992)

Vancouver at the Dawn: A Turn-Of-The Century Portrait (Harbour, 1997)

Walking to Camelot (Figure 1 2016) $22.95 978-1-927958-62-9

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