A CBC radio producer (for 28 years), Robert Chesterman is the author of Conductors in Conversation: the Complete Collection (Hardcopys, 2006; 2nd edition published in 1990 by Robson Books; 1st edition published in 1976 by Rowman and Littlefield), 1976).

Robert Chesterman was born in Purley, near Croydon, south of London in England, on December 17, 1931. After what he describes as an "undistinguished schooling", a brief period in the Royal Air Force and a three-year stint in the timber trade, he emigrated to Canada in 1957. Two years later he joined the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as a fledgling producer and became the host of "Music Diary", a weekly Vancouver radio magazine broadcast on CBC's national network. He spent the next twenty-eight years compiling music documentaries, directing radio plays and recording concerts and recitals in both the classical and jazz idioms. He produced many large-scale musical features recorded for radio in Europe and North America, and holds various awards from the Canadian Music Council and Ohio State University.

Having retired from the CBC in the late 1980's Robert Chesterman now works extensively as an independent film director with his own company, Prometheus Films.

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Awards: 1972 Won an Ohio Radio Award