In 1974, 19-year-old Jean Christian moved to a backcountry cabin in the isolated Suskwa Valley in northern B.C. She spent 15 years there, raising three daughters with her partner. To stave off a fear of being left alone in the wilderness, she deepened her meditation practice and was awakened "to a greater place within.";

She began channelling voices, a process she came to call The Guidance. The guides offered wisdom to help her and others she knew through difficult times. When she moved to Smithers, she began teaching to teach meditation and offer counseling sessions. Her self-published Cycles of Wisdom: Teachings for an Awakening Humanity (self-published, $35) is gleaned from these sessions.

Chapters are transcribed answers to esoteric questions brought by attendees. The Guidance speaks on death: "We offer a description of the soul in the phase after the body has died. ... This can be a most playful and wondrous time. This can also be an agonizing time depending on the consciousness of the soul and their willingness to adapt and move into who they are."; -- Heather Ramsay

[BCBW 2004] "Advice"