Born in New Zealand in 1937, Ron Chudley immigrated to Canada in 1964. A script writer for film and television, Chudley has written for programs including The Beachcombers, the CBC history series The Bush & the Salon, and CBC Stage and Mystery.

In 2005, Chudley published the mystery novel Old Bones, a story that unravels from the discovery an old automobile in a remote Western Canada lake, containing the half-century-old remains of a traveller. It was followed by Dark Resurrection, a post 9/11 thriller in which a couple living quietly in Mill Bay on Vancouver Island acquire a dreadful fortune--and must try to rid themselves of the consequences.

Written before an English couple made world headlines following the mysterious disappearance of their daughter in Portugal, Ron Chudley's third novel Stolen (Touchwood $12.95) explores the frightening scenario of a father desperately hoping to find his young son who has inexplicably disappeared during an overnight stop in the Fraser Canyon. After a coroner's verdict determines death occurred by drowning, even though no body is recovered, John Quarry continues to search for his son, Nate, fuelled by a blind faith that his son is alive. The father is arrested and nearly murdered as he struggles to absolve his guilt and wrestle with his fears. Think Harrison Ford in The Fugitive, set in the Fraser Canyon and the Alberta badlands.

In Ron Chudley's mystery Scammed, according to publisher's promotional material, "Greg Lothian's orderly life is torn apart when his mother and famous artist father are scammed of their life savings by cruel con men. When the same criminals steal Greg's own identity, the normally law-abiding accountant turns his analytical mind to plotting revenge. This uncharacteristic decision plunges him into the strange and horrifying underworld that lurks everywhere, even on peaceful Vancouver Island. As Greg prepares to find the perpetrators of the debilitating crime, he sets up a clever plan of entrapment that ends up going badly wrong."

Act of Evil is the first mystery in the Hal Bannatyne Mystery series. According to publisher's promotional material: "Hal Bannatyne is a successful actor in town to shoot a big budget film. Spotting an old flame, Mattie, he immediately becomes involved with her family. When Mattie's father-in-law tries to protect his land from the intrigue of a crooked and fervent land development scheme, Bannatyne soon finds he is mixed up in the conflict. Someone, however, is willing to stop at nothing to achieve a goal, and an attempted murder makes it clear that the whole family-and Bannatyne-should fear for their lives. Bannatyne sets out to unravel the mystery behind a seemingly innocuous set of events so heavily entwined that nobody could have predicted the dreadful consequences.


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