Inspired by Bill Burn's non-fiction book A Man, A Woman, and a Golden Eagle, playwright Denise Clarke wrote Featherland: The Magical True Tale of an Extraordinary Love Triangle (Red Deer Press, 2001), about Cecil and Adele Hyndman who open an avian menagerie in rural B.C. In the play, as imagined by the character of biographer Bill Burns, the couple form erotic attachments to a female golden eagle named Susan and a bizarre love triangle ensues. Born in Calgary in 1957, Clarke became a permanent member of the One Yellow Rabbit (OYR) ensemble in 1986, creating and co-creating various OYR productions such as Erotic Irony of Old Glory, Featherland and Sign Language. Among her many stage roles she has portrayed Ilsa, Queen of the Nazi Love Camp in Vancouver. She has also choreographed musical theatre for the likes of Edmonton's Citadel Theatre, Theatre Calgary and The Canadian Stage in Toronto.

[BCBW 2005] "Theatre"