Aboriginal stories accompany Sue Coleman's paintings of the West Coast in her self-published An Artist's Vision. A trip to the coast of Alaska resulted in Artist at Large: Along the South-coast of Alaska (1993). Other titles are Artist at Large in the Queen Charlottes and Artist at Large along the South Coast of Alaska.

Illustrated with her original sketches throughout, Sue Coleman's first novel Return of the Raven (Pacific Music & Art 2013) whimsically recalls how Raven inadvertently created the world.

Coleman has also produced two books for young children, Biggle Foo Meets Stinky and Biggle Foo Becomes a Legend. These depict the adventures of a small fictitious West Coast animal.

Coleman has a studio in Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island where she also produces Limited Edition Reproductions, Art cards, Posters and Collector's Plates. Her work has been shown at Epcot Center, Walt Disney World and she was 'Artist in Residence' aboard World Explorer Cruise Lines Alaskan Cruises for a decade.

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