While a creative writing student at UBC and an elementary school teacher in Vancouver, PJ Sarah Collins published Sam and Nate (Orca 2005), about two friends at school, illustrated by Katherine Jin for ages 7-9.

What Happened to Serenity is a young adult novel about the search for knowledge and truth. It tells the story of Katherine, a girl living in a post-apocalyptic community that forbids the search for knowledge and truth. When she decides to uncover the mysterious disappearance of Serenity, a girl who used to live in her community, she discovers much more than she anticipated (Red Deer Press 2011).


Sam and Nate (Orca 2005)
What Happened to Serenity (Red Deer Press 2011) 978-0-88995-453-3

[BCBW 2011] "Kidlit"