Yam Cooper of Penticton has written, illustrated and self-published The Story of Bill and His House of the Hill (Yam Cooper 2014 $19.95). It is described as a humourous and refreshing tale for all ages about diversity, leadership and xenophobia.

Bill has grass hair. As an outcast, he forms a friendship with a deaf-blind critter and reinvents a language that bypasses discrimination and connects people through the heart.

According to promotional literature, "this adult-book-in-disguise" seeks to encourage better understanding and avoidance of bullying with a discussion guide called Beyond the Green Noggin.

"This story has many layers," says Cooper. "With each reading, depending on their age, life skills and experience, the reader can discover the one that opens their mind or sparks an important lesson for life. The book touches on many topics in a fun and engaging way, like creativity, racism, discrimination, sustainability, language, openness, taking action, staying positive, and many essential skills for life. I hope to reach children before they become bullied or bullies, as Bill's story can positively influence their direction in life.";

Educator and humourist Yam Cooper was a member of the non-profit family band Vivibe, "playing world music for peace and deepening the human to human and human to planet connection," when he produced his first book.

Cooper was also on the board of directors of Happy Hive Creative Learning Society, "a fresh new organization of awesome visionaries creating innovative creativity, life skills, and teamwork programs for children."