"Raymond R. Corrado was educated in the United States where he received his B.A. in pre-law. After completing his undergraduate degree, Dr. Corrado spent a year in law school at Notre Dame University before deciding to pursue graduate studies in political science. After receiving a Masters from Northwestern University in Chicago, he spent a year doing field survey research on ethnic nationalism in Great Britain for his Ph.D. dissertation . One of his research concerns was with developing a model of why it people chose to support or oppose ethnic nationalism movements such as Irish Republicanism and a Welsh Nationalism. It was in the context of this research that he developed an interest in terrorism.

"Dr. Corrado has taught comparative theory and methodology, Western European politics, and ethnic nationalism at the University of Pittsburgh. His research on terrorism expanded to include ideological terrorism in Western Europe (with a focus on West Germany) and ethnic nationalist terrorism in Canada. He joined the Criminology Department at Simon Fraser University in 1979. While continuing his research into terrorism, Dr. Corrado participated in major research projects on juvenile justice in Canada, which became the foci of two S.F.U. seminar courses. He also is a Visiting Fellow at Clare Hall College and the Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge and a founding member of the Mental Health, Law, and Policy Institute at Simon Fraser University.

"He has co-authored three edited books, Issues in Juvenile Justice, Evaluation and Criminal Justice Policy, and Juvenile Justice in Canada, as well as having published various articles and book chapters on terrorism in journals such as the International Journal of Law and Psychiatry and Michael Stohl's The Politics of Terrorism. He has also made numerous appearances on television and radio such as the Vancouver Show, C.T.V. News, and the Bannerman show concerning terrorism. Also, Dr. Corrado lectures at the Police Academy on various issues and he is part of their hostage taking lecture resource group. Currently, Dr. Corrado is completing a variety of projects involving comparative juvenile justice, state terrorism, and mentally disordered offenders. In 1998, Dr. Corrado was awarded a SSHRC grant to research serious violent young offenders. He also conducted an Advanced Research workshop for NATO regarding the violent and multi-problem youth. He is presently a Professor in the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University."

[BCBW 2004]