Painter and writer Pierre Coupey was a founding member of the collective that launched the Georgia Straight newspaper [see below]. In March of 1967, Coupey drafted a request for public funds for the creation of Gastown Press. His gestetner-produced memo dated March 30, 1967 was addressed TO ALL THOSE INTERESTED IN FIGHTING LIES/PROPAGANDA/TERRORISM. This memo invited those who wished to establish a new, free press in Vancouver to attend an organizational meeting at 883 Hamilton Street (near the corner of Smythe) on Sunday, April 2, 1967, at 7:30 pm or to call Coupey at his home phone number (736-6771). When the inaugural issue of the resultant Georgia Straight newspaper first appeared for May 5-18, 1967, the masthead listed the two coordinating editors as Pierre Coupey and Dan McLeod. A list of thirteen contributing editors followed, including lawyers Harry Rankin and Sid Simons, along with writers Milton Acorn, Stan Persky and Gerry Gilbert.

Born August 17, 1942 in Montreal, artist Pierre L. M. Coupey also founded The Capilano Review in 1972 when he was a faculty member of Capilano College. His editorial board included Bill Schermbrucker, Daphne Marlatt, Sharon Thesen, Penny Connell, Reid Gilbert, Robert Sherrin, and Dorothy Jantzen. Editors of the Capilano Review have subsequently included Anne Rosenberg, Ryan Knighton, Jenny Penberthy and managing editor Carol Hamshaw. Coupey has remained associated with the publication over a 35-year period.

Coupey was also a co-founder of Very Stone House Press along with bill bissett, Pat Lane and Seymour Mayne. "I remember very well how we came up with the name, since we couldn't all agree on one: we each put the words we wanted into a hat and picked them out, one by one: the aleatory method worked." His first book from Vancouver, Circle Without Centre, was published under the hybrid Very Stone House/Talonbooks imprint.

Coupey has written several art and poetry books and his worked has appeared in numerous anthologies including WestCoast Works (Applegarth Follies, 1997) and The Body (Tatlow House, 1979). Holding a M.A. in creative writing from UBC, he has taught at Capilano College and UBC. His artwork has been exhibited at countless galleries and was used by publisher Jamie Reid to illustrate rules of the river [no caps], a poetry collection by Canadian-born Richard Rathwell of London, England.


Bring Forth the Cowards (McGill Poetry Series, 1964)
Circle Without Center (Very Stone House/Talonbooks, 1968)
Terminal Series (Caledonia Writing Series, 1973)
Four Island Poems (Caledonia Writing Series, 1975)
rules of the river (DaDaBaBy Enterprises & Blue Orange Publishing, 2007) by Richard Rathwell; illustrations by Pierre Coupey.

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