Born and raised in New Westminster as the youngest of ten siblings, Coyle has a keen interest in Canadian and U.S. military history and Canada's north. War on Our Doorstep was on the BC Bestseller list for 16 weeks. He has contributed freelance articles to the Victoria Times Colonist, Vancouver Sun, the Province, Georgia Straight, Diver Magazine, Alaska Magazine, The Canadian Diving Journal, Last Frontier Magazine, World War II Magazine (Historynet) and Aviation History Magazine (Historynet).

According to publicity materials, Enemy Offshore is a dramatic, comprehensive narrative of the events that unfolded as Japan brought the Second World War to North American shores. "On June 20, 1942, the lighthouse at Estevan Point on Vancouver Island was shelled by the Japanese submarine I-26. It was the first enemy attack on Canadian soil since the War of 1812. But this was only one incident in the incredible and little-known Japanese campaign to terrorize North America's west coast and mount an invasion through the Aleutian Islands. Submarines-Japan's formidable I-boats-stalked the West Coast, attacking ships and shore stations. A Japanese aircraft-carrier force attacked Alaska twice, grabbing a footing in North America and launching a bloody conflict in the Aleutians. The Japanese bombed an Oregon forest in an eccentric plan to start mass fires and desperately launched thousands of bomb-laden balloons against Canada and the United States."

CITY/TOWN: Steveston, BC

DATE OF BIRTH: September 12, 1957

PLACE OF BIRTH: New Westminster, BC

EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Maintenance Planner in Ship repair


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Enemy Offshore!: Japan's Secret War on North America's West Coast (Heritage House 2013) (Co-authored with Melanie Arnis) $9.95 978-1-92752-753-5

Kiska - The Japanese Occupation of an Alaska Island (University of Alaska Press and University of Chicago Press, 2014)

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