Jennifer Craig's semi-autobiographical novel about trainee nurses in Leeds during the 1950s, Yes Sister, No Sister: My Life as a Trainee Nurse in 1950s Yorkshire, was first published in the UK in 2002. It made the London Times bestseller list and has reputedly sold in excess of 100,000 copies. Made available in Canada as a paperback from Ebury Press in October of 2010 ($18.95), it's was one of three titles shortlisted for the fourth annual One Book, One Kootenay competition sponsored by the Kootenay Library Federation. Craig's Yorkshire humour recalls long hours, bodily fluids and good-natured camaraderie. Craig is also the author of Jabs, Jenner and Juggernauts, a look at vaccination from 1746 to the present day, useful to parents who are facing the decision of whether to vaccinate their children.

Jennifer Craig trained at Leeds General Infirmary and rose to become Ward Sister. She immigrated to Canada in 1961, where she married and had two children. Later she studied for a Bachelor's degree in nursing, followed by a Masters degree in education and finally a Ph.D. Ten years as an educational consultant in a medical school preceded semi-retirement when she became a student of homeopathy and obtained her diploma.

Jennifer Craig lives in Nelson, British Columbia with a dog and a cat.

Jennifer Craig's self-published novel of humourous, social commentary, Mary-Lou's Brew (Friesen 2014), sounds a bit like Harry Potter for adults. It is a whimsical tale of a contemporary academy, rooted in ancient Greek culture, "written by a Yorkshire woman who knows her science and her brews."

The future of the Academy of Sophists is in jeopardy. Faculty members vanish, an assistant causes a unique traffic jam, lab creatures escape, and a disenchanted junior professor tries to alter the Dean's Gravity Quotient. Life gets more complicated for everyone when Mary Lou stirs up her brew, spelling more trouble for the Dean of the Academy of Sophists.

According to Craig's publicity, "The Dean's Academy of Sophists contributes to humanity in its own whacky way, using ancient practices similar to witchcraft, but with a scientific basis. Although Sophistry and witchcraft parted ways in the fifteenth century, the Dean must defend the Academy against those who see these goings-on as decidedly witchy--with hilarious results.

Craig's third book Gone to Pot (Second Story 2017) follows the misadventures of Jess, a Nelson-based grandmother who turns to growing marijuana after a few calamities that happen on the same day upset her comfortable life. The journey links her to surprising people that she might not have met otherwise. Jess even surprise herself.


PLACE OF BIRTH: Yorkshire, England


ANCESTRAL BACKGROUND: Descended from Edward II

EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Retired nurse, university professor, homeopath


"Yes Sister, No Sister: a Leeds Nurse in the Fifties." Breedon Books, UK. 2002


Writing courses at Simon Fraser University, Kootenay School of the Arts, Nelson Fine Arts Centre, 1999-2003
Diploma in Homeopathy, Devon School of Homeopathy, 1998
Ph.D. McGill University, 1984
M.A. University of British Columbia, 1979
B.S.N. University of British Columbia, 1976
State Registered Nurse, Leeds General Infirmary, 1956

Employment, (selected):
Practising homeopath
Educational Consultant, Quality Educational Development, (own business)
Educational Consultant, School of Medicine, University of British Columbia,
Ward Sister, Leeds General Infirmary


Yes Sister, No Sister: My Life as a Trainee Nurse in 1950s Yorkshire (2002; Ebury 2010)

Mary-Lou's Brew (Friesen 2014)

Gone to Pot (Second Story 2017) $19.95 978-1-77260-034-6

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